ZATS: Ep 300 – ‘Original rockers’

Listen to this milestone episode of the long-running ZA Tech Show podcast.

Three hundred recordings later, the ZA Tech Show is still around. Joining Brett Haggard in this historic episode are TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod, ITWeb’s Jon Tullett and the Mail & Guardian’s Ben Kelly. They share news and opinions, and have a few laughs — just like the old days.

The topic list includes:

  • The Galaxy S5 (and the general state of smartphones today)
  • Nashua Mobile’s decision to close its doors
  • MTN’s lowered call rates
  • Microsoft Office Online for the Chrome Web Store
  • Johannesburg’s Wi-Fi plans

The team’s technology picks (and pick-ons) of the week are:

  • The Galaxy S5 (pick-on) and the Journey application framework (pick) from Jon
  • The Alcatel 2000 from Ben
  • The 11 000mAh Lenmar Helix portable back-up battery from Duncan
  • The ZA Tech Show (what else?) from Brett

Stream the show:


Or download the MP3 here.

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