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Cyber crime suspects in court

Twelve people linked to a cyber crime syndicate appeared in the Pretoria magistrate’s court on Wednesday. They allegedly defrauded people of their money globally using fake credit card information. Last Tuesday, 12 people were arrested in Pretoria and 10 in the US and Canada, authorities from the three countries said

Pretoria arrests in cyber crime ring

An international cyber crime syndicate was exposed this week, with 12 people arrested on South African soil, officials said on Wednesday. Twelve people were arrested in Pretoria on Tuesday while another eight were arrested in the US and Canada, authorities from the three countries said in a joint statement. The arrests came after a joint

Joint action needed on cyber crime

Defending against cybercrime requires constant vigilance and training and collaboration between financial institutions, government departments and anyone else who is vulnerable to attack. That’s the view of Andrew Kirkland, country manager at cyber security firm Trustwave, who says there

Cybercrime a top worry of SA companies, PwC says

South African organisations expect cybercrime to become the most disruptive form of economic crime in the next two years, according to new research by PwC. The sixth South African edition of the Global Economic Crime and

Interview: Corien Vermaak on the Cybercrimes Bill

In this episode of the TechCentral podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Three6Five Academy director Corien Vermaak on the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill. It’s a really interesting – and really important – topic that is going to affect all organisations

SA business must wise up to cybercrime threat

The growing threat and constantly-evolving risks of cybercrime and security breaches are set to change the face of business and spur ethical dilemmas for company directors, says BDO South Africa. Speaking at the launch of

R2K warns against cybercrime bill

The Right2Know Campaign has described the proposed the cybercrime bill as flawed. The organisation said the legislation was designed in a way to censor the Internet. The organisation’s Micah Reddy said the problem with the proposed bill was that it was too broad and it would effectively

More opposition to cybercrimes bill

The new cybercrimes bill is flawed, too broad and brings the country one step closer to the securitisation of the Internet, the Right2Know Campaign has said. It was basically the secrecy bill of the Internet as it stood now and handed the keys of the Internet to

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