Vodacom to cut prepaid data rates

Vodacom will cut data prices for prepaid customers from 19 September by up to 42%, the country’s largest mobile operator said on Wednesday. This follows price reductions for contract customers announced earlier this month.

However, the company has kept out-of-bundle and ad hoc data rates at R2/MB.

Customers buying MyMeg 100 will pay 39% less, with the price per megabyte reduced from 80c (for the previous MyMeg 110) to 49c, according to Vodacom (see full table below).

Data supplied by Vodacom

Those who previously bought MyMeg 175 at a price of 68c/MB will now pay 40c/MB for MyMeg 250, a saving of 42%/MB, Vodacom said. The average per-megabyte rate saving across all packages from MyMeg 10 to MyGig 1.5 is in the region of 22%.

In addition to the price reductions, Vodacom will run a “double your prepaid data’ promotion from 19 September to 31 October. The promotion will give customers double data for the same price when they buy bigger bundles, which include MyGig 1, MyGig 1.5, MyGig 2 and MyGig 2.5 prepaid and Top Up once-off bundles during the promotional period.  — Staff reporter, TechCentral

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  • tsblack

    And the ad-hoc price stays the same… Seriously Vodacom?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dougvining Doug Vining

    How does this hope to compete with 8ta’s 2+1GB for R149?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesomerville John Somerville

    what a crap price drop – ill stick to 8ta prepaid thx

  • Dinesh08

    you call this a price drop!! ha ha i’ll stick to my cell c for 2G at R149. Please wake up Vodacom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and idiots still stay with Vodacom!!

  • ElviZA

    What a joke…..I buy MyGig 2.3…Less than R400…now 2.5MyGig =429!!! 200MB for R40!! Drop down to  MyGig 2, and rate goes up 1c!! 
    Cell C gives me 500MB for each R50 I load….so still have R50 airtime, 50 sms, 500MB…..come on Vodacom and lets get real!!

  • Photo_luigi

    Does Vodacom honestly think they’re fooling anyone? The popular bundles were 17/18c per meg 2 years ago, they still are, and probably will be a year from now. I;m just with Vodacom because Cell C’s footprint don’t cover the Boland, this will hopefully change soon. I’m shocked that Vodacom actually have any prepaid data clients in the big centres.

  • Autoeagle

    I am off to 8ta. Sorry Vodacom, but you are doing this to yourself. You are not too big to fall.

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