Telkom’s mobile launch: live blog

We are now live-blogging the mobile network launch by telecommunications group Telkom. Keep hitting “refresh” in your browser for the latest updates. And while you’re here, why not take a moment to subscribe to our daily e-newsletter or follow us on Twitter?


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  • gareth

    this is going to be interesting i am anxious to see the outcome of all this

  • Bruce

    This will be very interesting to see. I suspect they will launch their long-awaited Heita! (or 8ta as it is now called) mobile service as they have advertised in the flyers they are now putting out. It will be very interesting to see how they do.

  • Yes, Bruce, everything is pointing to it being called 8ta

  • Paulo

    I hope Telkom Mobile’s staff did their research, and hopefully realise the mistakes that Neotel made. They’re entering a market that is already saturated by their competition, who’ve been doing business in that market for decades, Telkom Mobile will HAVE to offer consumers much better deals, in order to convince the consumers to move from MTN/VodaCom/Cell-C to Telkom Mobile.
    If they follow the “Neotel” route and offer similar services at similar prices, Telkom Mobile will have a short future.

  • James

    call from 8ta to fixed line, R0.65 per min, call to cell line R1.50.

  • Thapelo_Daison

    This is great wow 😀 live blogging I mean.

  • John

    Don’t really see Telkom ‘dropping a bombshell’ wrt pricing. Expect them to undercut Vodacom and MTN but not by much.

  • Thapelo_Daison

    Tell William Stucke we need wimax now!!!. We are far behind other countries because of ICASA or icasa.

  • What a big waste of money! Just hand out some pamphlets with price plans on. Nobody actually cares about anything else.

  • kinda disappointing, nothing about phones on offer or anything exciting like that? Or maybe free something for the first a 100? whats the point of hyping us up to just tell us about R1,50 a min…. I mean i thought Apple taught us the call and sms plans dont sell phones.

  • sorry forgot my manners! Techcentral rocks!!!

  • The pricing seems very good. Pity their webmasters weren’t kept in the loop…. redirects to which doesn’t exist.

  • TMan

    Duncan/Candice: great work u doing 2nite. Bn glued to ur site, so much so that I’ve checked my gf’s mails:)
    The call rates, especially to landline, are really good. I’m getting my 8ta SIM as soon as possible!

  • h3660

    Pricing means nothing without proper signal coverage… What is cheaper if I can’t make a call

  • Stephen Phogojane

    Great job guys…. Been on the net for hours and enjoying every moment. @ h3660… lets’s wait for the roll-out before we judge. Personally i think there is no better positioned new entrant to the market than Telkom, better yet 8ta.

  • TechCentral is the best South African tech website ,i will make sure i am here 3 times more every day.I almost missed this event .

    I however tweeted your live blog entries and some followers were excited ,ofcourse i acknowledged you guys as original owners of the works


  • gareth

    Well I am happy with what Telkom had to offer I do not expect a company to offer impossible major cuts. I must say the live feed was amazing well we will see the respond to the other networks pretty soon our locals love to complain when there are new products or changes given to them I rather have more choices over nothing we cannot expect magic from any company no matter how big then again we cannot please everybody.

  • To sum up: The calls that most people make are the same price as CellC, Data is a rip-off, and the niche market of landlines/international calls are cheaper. Go telkom!

    They should have just taken away those stupid usual bonus “if-you-do-this-you-get-that” incentives and dropped their prices by 20% so they could actually claim to be the cheapest.

  • Swannie

    Very disappointed with their data offerings which, in general, remain a rip-off. The irony is that I’m forced to use Vodacom 3G for internet access as Telkom can’t provide (sufficient) ADSL access where I’m living. Telkom’s 1 Gig at R250 is no less expensive than Vodacom’s R289 for 1.2 Gig. I would have loved to see them starting a “price war” on data costs.

  • im telkom field tech and i was never invited to the launch,the point is im still working with copper meaning im outdated,i feel confused and disappointed for the fact that i have national diploma in electrical eng but telkom chose to recruit from outside the company than to upgrade me with the recent technology.we where even told early next we gona loose our jobs in huge magin.

  • Very disappointed with their data offerings which, in general, remain a rip-off. The irony is that I’m forced to use Vodacom 3G for internet access as Telkom can’t provide (sufficient) ADSL access where I’m living. Telkom’s 1 Gig at R250 is no less expensive than Vodacom’s R289

  • anil

    telkom has always been a rip off – is this ever a better offer? imagine waiting so long for landline repairs how will we wait for cell querries where I am living

  • Cargo

    I love Telkom mobile (8.ta) we now have a choice and mine is 8ta, we’ve been ripped off for quite some tym and I can tell you that MTN and VC need to up their game and reduce their tarrif and rates. Enough is enough, I am porting to 8ta, bye bye MTN.

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