TalkCentral: Ep 69 – ‘Steve Wozniak interview’

In this special edition of the TalkCentral podcast, TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod sits down with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for a wide-ranging discussion about recent developments in the technology industry.

Steve Wozniak

In this special edition of TalkCentral’s podcast, TalkCentral, we bring you a special, half-hour interview with Apple co-founder and legendary computer industry figure Steve Wozniak.

TalkCentral editor Duncan McLeod asked Wozniak, who is in Johannesburg to speak at First National Bank’s leadership summit, for his views on the mobile platform wars, the patent disputes between Apple and Samsung, the emergence of the post-PC era and much more besides. It’s an interview you simply don’t want to miss.

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  • Naadir Dawood

    When is Steve leaving SA and will we get a chance to see him speak

  • Chris Beach

    Please stop giving Wozniak a voice. He’s a bitter, irrelevant old man who has done nothing for or with Apple for decades.


    I’m no Apple or Wozniak fan, but I enjoyed the interview, both on Techcentral and 702. He is/was definitely a very influential personality in the tech industry, like it or not. Your life today would not be the same without some of the inventions he created.

  • iThinkDifferent—ly

    You’re getting muddle up with the one who died.

  • JohnPent

    I totally agree with him. I hoped last year to see a bigger iPhone. I got my wife the iphone 5 after getting myself the galaxy s3 days earlier. Once I saw her phone, I was totally thrilled I had not just ordered an extra iphone 5 instead of getting the s3. I would have bought an iphone 5 if it had the same size specs as the g3. It is so funny to see the s3 suddenly come out with a mini version.

    I do not like to wear glasses other than in the office. I don’t need them to drive. The type in the iphone is just too small, and web pages are messed up.

  • Idon’t Know

    You’re an idiot who knows nothing.

  • Idon’t Know

    Wozniak has done nothing useful for 30 years but he sure loves the limelight.
    Is he really unaware that changing the width of the phone would cause all sorts of issues for UI, Apps, and developers?
    Meanwhile nobody who use the iPhone 5 has an issue with the width.
    Remind me how Apple is arrogant but Google isn’t?

  • Idon’t Know

    Web pages are “messed up”? Android browsers are just now getting as good as mobile Safari has always been.
    Text is much sharper and easier to read on the iPhone 4 and 5 than any Android device. Many people with poor vision caused by age find this to be true.
    Also you can change the font size.

  • Idon’t Know

    Was is the operative word.

  • derKarl

    Nothing useful? Philanthropy, look into it. Nobody? Speak for yourself. All sorts of issues? But I thought iOS is the most advanced mobile OS there ever was. And it can’t cope with a wider screen like Android can since forever?

  • derKarl

    Well this interview was more interesting than your whole comments history (and mine but I’m not the one whining). So there’s that.

  • Eric

    Did you record this interview with a phone? I mean I’m sure that “TechCentral” could invest in some audio tech.. like a proper microphone..

  • Macab

    The Xperia S still have more PPI than iP4 and 5 so sharper images than iPhones are very much possible.

  • Macab

    As I see it, Wozniak wasthe real genius, the other guy was just…….there.

  • Adam

    I cant listen to this interview becuase I am using a Apple product, lol..

    “Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.”

  • Zombie Killer

    I personally do favor the smaller screen sizes, but I absolutely agree on providing more options. That does mean things like optional larger screen models. It means things like optional keyboard models. IMO, the only thing apple got right on their phone, is the size, but to reiterate, that is only because that is the size that **I** happen to prefer.

  • Zombie Killer

    The “default” browser on Android is running the EXACT SAME RENDERING ENGINE as apple browser. Web pages will appear IDENTICAL. Of course, with Android, you also have the option of alternate browsers, like Firefox and its VASTLY superior rendering engine.

  • Zombie Killer

    Issues for UI, appLICATIONS, and developers?

    Apple: 0
    Android: 1 (since Android has managed here doing something that is clearly beyond apple’s abilities).

    I’m glad you agree on how inferior apple products are.

    And BTW: Apple wouldn’t exist AT ALL if not for Wozniak. Jobs was just a turd from day 1. Wozniak was the brains behind the whole thing, and apple has done nothing but float on since then.

  • Bilal Rahmani

    Offering free internet to an entire city, allowing Apple to use it’s applications on their phones while Apple applications remain absent on Android, one of the only major firms who lobbied against SOPA and PIPA, creating the Nexus 7 tablet with an almost invisible profit margin to allow users to pick up Android more freely, not only assisting but encouraging users messing with their devices to make it better, having the best search engine in the world, arguably the best e-mail application, and creating a technological environment that promotes innovation, exploration, and creation for everyone to enjoy? You’re right, Google is so incredibly arrogant. Damn those philanthropic bastards, creating things I love to use and requiring me to sell my soul to use it!! Apple is so much less arrogant with their patent on rectangles and things that you touch, and their thousand dollar devices that are marked up 200% their actual price. Why can’t everyone just be like Apple and steal other peoples ideas, combine them into a device, and then claim you “innovated”! The world would be such a better place.

  • Bilal Rahmani

    STEVE JOBS WAS AN INNOVATOR! = Did nothing for Apple except hold up their devices and pretend like he made it.
    STEVE WOZNIAK IS IRRELEVANT! = Created the base of all Apple products, and realized the ideas of their entire philosophy.

    Apple users: If they made logical sense, they wouldn’t be Apple users.

  • Bilal Rahmani

    “Everything Apple does is justified and you are stupid for not finding a work around or trying to understand what the amazing engineers at Apple did.”
    “Everything Android does is stupid because I’ve never used one because the chip Apple installed in my brain would explode if I touched anything Apple didn’t make.”
    – Your comment history.

  • Lytyl Nynja

    If web pages are messed up in mobile browsers it’s usually because the folks who made the site didn’t account for mobile users when they built their site, so it looks jenky on smaller screens….that’s not apple’s fault. I build websites that look good on iPhone5 or Android or tablets or computer screens….that’s web 101 these days.

  • Lyle IamOpium Darmen

    This man is a legend! He has really been an influence in the industry and is truly a pioneer for the future of Computers and Mobiles.

  • Marinus Snyman

    Worst interview ever! Who is typing in the background the whole time? And who is that woman’s voices 2/3rds in? Also, all the questions that were asked sounded scripted and not like a conversation. All the questions that were asked were already asked to him by other US interviewers, why not ask some South Africa specific questions for an South African podcast??

  • John Galt

    Because the agenda was always to get him to lay hate on Apple. Duncan hates Apple.

  • John Galt


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