Sanral admits to e-toll glitches


Roads agency Sanral admits some glitches have been experienced in the e-toll collection system, The Citizen reported on Friday.

Spokesman Vusi Mona told the newspaper there had been some “genuine” complaints about the system.

“There are genuine customer complaints. There is no system that is foolproof and 100% correct.”

He said there were not a large number of such complaints, however, and those complaints lodged with consumer satisfaction website were being handled by Sanral’s public relations department.

Mona said the agency had acquired motorists’ cellphone numbers legally through the Electronic National Administration Traffic Information System (eNatis).

“We are not breaking any laws or violating people’s privacy,” he said.  — Sapa

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  • Davebee

    Pardon me for raining on Vusi’s parade here but I would venture that the correct issuing of ITEMISED invoices to highway users would be a far better tactic than replying to unhappy people on a complaints web site.
    Face the facts Vusi, you are putting lipstick on a very large pig my man.
    Resign and get a job where you can feel proud of what you are doing instead of continuously making up pathetic schoolboy excuses for this SANRAL abortion!
    Oh, were we not told before ‘launch day’ that the system had been thoroughly tested and found to be faultless?
    ‘We were not breaking any laws or violating peoples privacy”…Really?
    Sending unsolicited SMS messages demanding payment without issuing detailed INVOICES for services is DOING BOTH you scatterbrain dingbat!
    What makes bad matters worse is that Mona is getting handsomely paid from the tax payers purse! Scandalous.

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