OpenView HD: the full list of channels

Platco Digital has taken the wraps off free-to-air satellite platform OpenView HD. These are the channels it will offer at launch.


Platco Digital, the company behind South Africa’s new free-to-air satellite television service, OpenView HD, has unveiled the selection of channels that it plans to broadcast from launch on 15 October.

The company, which is owned by Hosken Consolidated Investments — the same company that controls free-to-air broadcaster — has disclosed that it will offer 16 channels grouped into four broad content categories.

The channels are:

— Entertainment: SABC1, 2 and 3,, eKasi+, eAfrica+, eMovies+

— Culture and lifestyle: Zest TV, ASTV, Deen TV

— Children and education: eToons+, Mindset TV, Da Vinci Learning, English Club

— Religion: Spirit World Channel, Inspiration TV.

Platco MD Maxwell Nonge says that will be offered in high definition but declines to comment on which other channels will be broadcast in this resolution as he is not at liberty to disclose that information given that his company is simply the platform operator.

“This is our launch offering and we will offer additional channels,” Nonge says.

OpenView HD will cost consumers an estimated R1 599 for a dish, decoder and installation voucher, though Nonge says they should “shop around as prices will differ from store to store”. The product will be available through a wide range of retail outlets and through satellite installers.

The Platco Digital platform uses the same SES-5 satellite as On Digital Media’s TopTV, which means consumers with TopTV dishes will be able to receive the service. Subscribers to MultiChoice’s DStv will need to purchase a new dish.

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  • Michael Ntho

    and i don’t have DSTV & Top so i’ll go for OPENVIEW!

  • Guest

    what you talkin about?

  • Carleen Govender

    due the competition out there, cant we use a dish that already has been installed i mean at the moment some properties have 2 dishes already installed and to have another installed into the property what would that look like.Every-one love change and new things, but due to the costs imagine how much consumers will save on the installation and how many more viewers will appreciate the content shown. Alternatively why cant ETV give us the free channels and root it they way the channel came out in the first place we will have more people buying licences
    which is far more reasonable

  • Antonio

    You can use any dish facing the “TopTV” satellite. You can even use an old DSTV dish and reinstall any DSTV to face the “TopTV” satellite.
    DSTV is using a different satellite to TopTV and OpenView.

  • Carleen Govender

    Aww thanks but dnt u need a different dish for open view channels. Plz excuse has I am not of da techinal side lolz 2 Hot 2 Handle

  • Antonio

    No – you can use any dish. You can share a TopTV dish facing to the “TopTV” satellite. You can use any old DSTV dish and reposition the dish to face the “TopTV” satellite.
    Any TV dish will work.
    You can share a TopTV dish with two or more decoders by using a twin or even quad LNB.

  • Carleen Govender

    But dnt that mean more money 4 da decoder has well if it breaks n also if something happens 2 da dish on a different setting who does da consumer get in touch wid. I mean dey can use a top tv or dstv dish 2 get da free channels but if something goes wrong who do we contact dstv/top tv or free view basically 2 Hot 2 Handle

  • Antonio

    A TV dish is just an antenna. If something goes wrong with your TopTV decoder you phone TopTV. If your OpenView decoder needs attention you phone Openview. Your antenna, once installed correctly, should give you no problems at all.

  • Carleen Govender

    Thanks so much
    2 Hot 2 Handle

  • jomosne Mentoor

    When Top TV started we also thought that DSTV will lower their subscription but it was not the case. We need something that will reduce the viewers of DSTV so that they are force to lower their rates,
    . Because it is ridiculous how.much one have to pay to watch TV and then they repeat their movies.I just hope that this will live up to our expectation and will not be another money making business When is this openview Hd going to start

  • jomosne Mentoor

    But when is this openview hd going to start operate

  • Sam Copman

    Was hoping for a sports channel to view English or Spanish league or even a channel to view WWE matches live. It obvious none can compete with DSTV.

  • Sam Copman

    And considering the price, its a month salary for some people yet it is termed as “being affordable for the common man” dont think so with R1599

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