Google Play Music launched in SA

Google has joined the increasingly competitive streaming music market in South Africa with a R60/month offering.


Google has become the latest streaming music provider to launch services in South Africa. Google Play Music is available to South African consumers with immediate effect for a subscription fee of R59,99/month, matching the price of rival services.

The launch of Google Play Music follows news of the imminent demise of international streaming provider Rdio, which drew a small but loyal audience of South African users, and the launch in this market a few months ago of Apple Music.

Google Play Music will cost R59,99/month, but is available until 26 January at a launch offer price of R49,99/month for the lifetime of the service. The service offers access to 35m songs, including a large catalogue of South African music.

Users can upload up to 50 000 songs of their own to an online locker, and listen to this music alongside the “All Access” catalogue. Users can access Play Music through apps for Android and iOS, as well as directly through the Web.

Users can also “pin” specific albums and playlists so they’re available for playback without having to use Internet data — useful in South Africa where many people don’t have access to unlimited Internet accounts.

Those wanting to purchase music for offline playback will also be able to do so by purchasing MP3 downloads.

At launch, Google Play Music doesn’t offer “family” options, where multiple users can get access for a discounted monthly subscription fee, but the company says it is investigating this.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media

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  • Any details how/if this will tie to YouTube Red in future?

  • Too late. I’m using Apple Music already. They should bring Android Pay instead.

  • Vusumuzi Sibiya

    Google Play Music has taken such a long time to launch here in ZA; and YouTube Red has only recently launched in the US primary market.

    With the kind of changes that always happen with Google products… speculating on the future has really become pointless.

    The YouTube revenue report that I received from my MCN, separated YouTube Red revenue and I had been following some of the speculations, by some creators that it was going to bring more money for content creators leading up to the launch.

    I had never been optimistic nor convinced that with SVoD that would the case and the report seems to confirm my suspicions…

    …its still early days though so we’ll have to see what happens but YouTube Red could end up like many discontinued products from Google and that wouldn’t come as a surprise to me.

  • Sinbad

    Game changer… now the market the hell out of the service!

  • Laven Pillay

    You mean “Too late” _for you_ 🙂
    Just in time for the rest of us !
    And yes, Google Pay would be awesome, but just like with the delay for Play Music, there’s a lot of legal inter-country and rights-related issues to work around before some technologies can just be “used” in a specific country.
    Still – fingers crossed !

  • Andre Engelbrecht

    afaik youtube red is tied with your google play music. If you pay for one, you have the other. This is of course if I remember correctly from the one TWIT podcast.

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