Cell C slashes LTE broadband prices

Cell C has slashed data prices on a promotional basis to entice users to sign up for its 4G/LTE offerings.


Cell C has slashed data prices on a promotional basis to entice users to sign up for its 4G/LTE offerings.

The company said on Friday that it has cut the price of its home and office broadband LTE offerings by up to 64% as part of a promotion that ends on 31 May.

“Cell C has significantly reduced the cost of eight of its most popular data offers — six contract and two prepaid options — with discounts ranging between 33% and 64%,” it said in a statement.

It is offering 100GB of prepaid data valid for a year for R999 (a reduction of 60% from the normal price) and 20GB of contract data for R399, which includes an extra 40GB for use between midnight and 6am and a modem. See the tables below for more information.


At the lower end of its product spectrum, Cell C has reduced the cost of its SmartData 5GB product, offering 5GB anytime data and 15GB of late-night data, including LTE modem, from R199/month to R99/month.

At the top end, its SmartData 100GB deal, which offers 100GB anytime data and 100GB of late-night data, has been reduced to R999/month, down by 64% from R2 799/month, again on a promotional basis.

The deals apply to all data carriers, including 2G and 3G.  — (c) 2016 NewsCentral Media

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  • Surveyor General

    Before anyone gets too excited just try accessing the Cell C website and experience what lies ahead, it is slow – takes 90 seconds to fully open in one’s browser, half the information one is looking for is not easily found on their website, etc. Nothing much has changed over the past few years with Cell C and the best thing I did was to return my Cell C prepaid 3G modem along with the years supply of data and get my money back, as one was chronically dropped from the network and when connected one was lucky to reach 300 kbps on download – and customer care was basically non-existent. Just imaging what their 4G/LTE network will be like, it will probably only reach 1 Mbps on download – isn’t that what it is all about – 3.9G should theoretically be approximately 3 times as fast as 3G, which will never materialize practically speaking. I suppose 1Mbps is nearly 3 times faster than 300 kbps!

  • Ferdi

    At this price I will not mind sacrificing some speed at times for the luxury of having it mobile, but that is only if I can get hold of it. Was this just a “marketing ploy” as it is only available through Cell C outlets, and they don’t have “stock” yet, at least not The Grove Pretoria, where I am now on a list….

  • Hitting Thefan

    Had no problem picking this up. Also contacted them about speed issues. Which they was quite helpful in problem solving

  • Ferdi

    Finally got one at The Grove this afternoon and without tweaking getting consistent Upload speeds of between 1 and 2 Mbps and Download 5 to 6 Mbps on a non-LTE Huawei E367.

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