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Spectre is haunted by ghosts of Bond’s past

Spectre is haunted by ghosts of Bond’s past

Daniel Craig looks tired in Spectre – not in the frazzled, intense way he was in Skyfall, but like a bored waiter who just wants to be paid so he can go home at the end of a long shift. This is how Craig’s James Bond probably ends: sleepwalking off the stage rather than flaming out in

Star Wars Battlefront review: blast from the past

Star Wars Battlefront review: blast from the past

The very first Star Wars Battlefront game, carrying the exact same name as this 2015 version, was launched way back in 2004 and developed by Pandemic Studios for LucasArts. That game received

Crimson Peak takes high-gothic crown

<i>Crimson Peak</i> takes high-gothic crown

Having channelled the giddy enthusiasm of a 10-year old boy watching mecha cartoons in 2013’s Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro taps into the fevered imaginings of a “bookish 14-year old girl” for

Audiences still love (the sexist) James Bond

Audiences still love (the sexist) James Bond

Bond is back! The staggering success of new 007 movie Spectre demonstrates three things.
First, audiences are increasingly willing to put up with longer running times (it clocks in at over

Star Wars: the audio awakens

<i>Star Wars</i>: the audio awakens

You may have noticed that the final trailer for the upcoming Star Wars instalment, The Force Awakens, has been released, and that fans globally are experiencing convulsions of mythopoeic anticipation

Metal Gear Solid V: the man who trolled the world

Metal Gear Solid V: the man who trolled the world

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has, over the years, alternated between trolling his fans and pandering to them and trolling them by pandering to them. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might be his most intricate stunt yet, though it is disguised as a fairly routine action game for much of its running time

The Martian review: sci-fi that respects science

<i>The Martian</i> review: sci-fi that respects science

Picture yourself as an explorer in a distant and dangerous place. Something goes wrong, and you and your team have to abandon the venture and head straight for home. But you get left behind, the rest of the team thinking you are dead, and you have no way to contact them

Farewell, CSI – the show that made forensics fun

Farewell, <i>CSI</i> – the show that made forensics fun

After 15 years and several highly successful spin-offs, the incredibly popular crime drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is ending. And it’s doing so in style, with a two-hour special on 27 September. CSI and its franchise has achieved something unique: it has made forensics glamorous and sexy

Publishing’s bastion against the death of the novel

Publishing’s bastion against the death of the novel

This year’s Man Booker shortlist, just announced, features two Britons, two Americans, one Jamaican and a Nigerian (four men and two women) and has been applauded for its diversity. Some of those considered frontrunners – such as Pulitzer winner Marilynne Robinson and

The Shepherd’s Crown is Terry Pratchett’s crowning achievement

<i>The Shepherd’s Crown</i> is Terry Pratchett’s crowning achievement

The Shepherd’s Crown (2015) — by English author Sir Terry Pratchett, featuring his young witch character, Tiffany Aching — was never going to be an easy read for me. I knew and counted Terry

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