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Jaws at 40: how it ate the horror genre

Jaws at 40: how it ate the horror genre

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is not particularly classy, but its 40th anniversary is a big deal for critics, fans and academics alike. In the US it has been marked with special screenings, while in the UK a dedicated academic

Why E3 2015 was the most thrilling in years

Why E3 2015 was the most thrilling in years

Anything seemed possible at E3 this past week as the gaming industry gathered to showcase new games and technologies in Los Angeles. Events that seemed inconceivable just two weeks ago

Jurassic World, reviewed by a dinosaur expert

<i>Jurassic World</i>, reviewed by a dinosaur expert

Jurassic World is shaping up to be a monster success, to say the least. The fourth instalment in the Jurassic Park series has become the first film to take more than US$500m in its first

How religious fantasies dog Dungeons & Dragons

How religious fantasies dog Dungeons & Dragons

Religion-fuelled conspiracy theories continue to pervade our culture. Today, some claim energy drinks are Satanic plots. Others argue that shape-shifting reptiles secretly rule the world. And

Tomorrowland: Futurobama

Tomorrowland: Futurobama

Armageddon has captured the human imagination since the days of the ancient Sumerians, but Tomorrowland director Brad Bird and scriptwriter Damon Lindelof are convinced that our current love for stories about the end of the world could turn into a

The unrelenting drive of General Musk

The unrelenting drive of General Musk

There’s this guy that’s pretty sure the thing you’re looking at right now is one of the greatest threats to humanity. No, he’s not talking about our growing obsession with staring at sheets of digitised glass, and the unhealthy sedentary existence associated

New Mad Max is a symphony of destruction

New <i>Mad Max</i> is a symphony of destruction

It’s not often that a tent-pole summer film as bonkers as Mad Max: Fury Road comes along, and that’s enough reason to celebrate the return of the Australian road warrior after a 30-year absence from cinema screens. Helmed by George Miller

After Mad Men, big money replaced big ideas

After <i>Mad Men</i>, big money replaced big ideas

In last May’s mid-season finale of Mad Men, advertising agency patriarch Bert Cooper dies unexpectedly after watching the live television broadcast of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The next

Age of Ultron: too much, yet not enough

<i>Age of Ultron</i>: too much, yet not enough

The Marvel Comics money printing machine rolls on with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the headlining act in “phase two” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s predictably big, slick

Behind vinyl’s unlikely comeback

Behind vinyl’s unlikely comeback

In a music buying industry now dominated by iTunes and music streaming services such as Spotify, Napster, Pandora and Jay-Z’s recently released Tidal, the CD and physical music store are reportedly in sharp (and potentially terminal) decline. But a curious development

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