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Crimson Peak takes high-gothic crown

<i>Crimson Peak</i> takes high-gothic crown

Having channelled the giddy enthusiasm of a 10-year old boy watching mecha cartoons in 2013’s Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro taps into the fevered imaginings of a “bookish 14-year old girl” for

Metal Gear Solid V: the man who trolled the world

Metal Gear Solid V: the man who trolled the world

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has, over the years, alternated between trolling his fans and pandering to them and trolling them by pandering to them. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might be his most intricate stunt yet, though it is disguised as a fairly routine action game for much of its running time

Netflix’s Narcos is as addictive as cocaine

Netflix’s Narcos is as addictive as cocaine

Netflix’s original programming is quickly becoming a better reason to subscribe to the video streaming service than the stash of months-old films and series it carries from other content producers. Its 2015 line-up has been consistently interesting, from the kooky delights of

Ant-Man cuts Marvel’s superheroics down to size

Ant-Man cuts Marvel’s superheroics down to size

Ant-Man – a smaller, leaner and more agile superhero film than anything Marvel has made in ages – shows that bigger isn’t always better. The latest entry into the comic book company’s universe of films is low-key in both story and presentation compared to the

Arnie’s back, and not in a good way

Arnie’s back, and not in a good way

Terminator Genisys understandably pretends that Terminator 3 and Terminator: Salvation never happened, yet fails to provide much justification for its own existence. It’s an awkward attempt to channel the success of

Why E3 2015 was the most thrilling in years

Why E3 2015 was the most thrilling in years

Anything seemed possible at E3 this past week as the gaming industry gathered to showcase new games and technologies in Los Angeles. Events that seemed inconceivable just two weeks ago

Tomorrowland: Futurobama

Tomorrowland: Futurobama

Armageddon has captured the human imagination since the days of the ancient Sumerians, but Tomorrowland director Brad Bird and scriptwriter Damon Lindelof are convinced that our current love for stories about the end of the world could turn into a

New Mad Max is a symphony of destruction

New <i>Mad Max</i> is a symphony of destruction

It’s not often that a tent-pole summer film as bonkers as Mad Max: Fury Road comes along, and that’s enough reason to celebrate the return of the Australian road warrior after a 30-year absence from cinema screens. Helmed by George Miller

Age of Ultron: too much, yet not enough

<i>Age of Ultron</i>: too much, yet not enough

The Marvel Comics money printing machine rolls on with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the headlining act in “phase two” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s predictably big, slick

Chappie: sentient but not intelligent

<i>Chappie</i>: sentient but not intelligent

Neill Blomkamp’s 2009 debut feature, District 9, seemed to signal the arrival of a major new talent with the dark wit and visual flair to become the new Paul Verhoeven of Total Recall and Robocop fame. Elysium’s poor scripting and wooden performances left his potential

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